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Epanus is a decentralized token, based on the Ethereum encryption technology, which can be used as value reserve. Convenient when it comes to small daily transactions, and better in terms of value retention in the medium and long term. Through Cloud Mining technology, where the mining happens in the "cloud" through a remote datacenter with incredible shared processing power, we provide the users the option of mining tokens without having to worry about hardware management.
In addition to being a decentralized token based on the Ethereum encryption technology, it presents the possibility of being a reserve of value. The mining of this token happens through a cloud mining system, where the process happens through a cloud, where a remote data center processes and shares the information with safety, allowing users to mine without having to manage hardware.

We use the Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol to authenticate the transactions made on the blockchain network. This protocol solves highly complex mathematical equations on computers with great processing power.

The initial mining of the Epanus Token will happen according to the current cloud PoW model, where miners are rewarded when solving complex equations. Epanus will have a maximum circulation amount of 15,000,000. The exact currency value can’t be estimated before its launch, because it will depend on the amount of network hashrate, supply and demand, and several other factors.

Epanus Token

The token for the future is already here.

The Proof-of-Work protocol is the approval algorithm responsible for facilitating and optimizing the verification of user information.
Exponential growth
By investing in the Epanus Token, it is possible to maximize your incomes and see its value increase exponentially.
The Epanus Token has a great projection of growth and appreciation, making so the users of this token can earn considerably over time.
15,000,000 EPS
15,000,000 EPS

Epanus Token


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